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Living By Design

ByLarry R. Creveling

The human species has thrived because we were healthy and able to adapt to a variety of changes throughout our history. Our health today is deteriorating under the influence of accelerating change to where we may not be prepared to continue to thrive - unless we look to our past and identify lessons that may be fundamental for not only our continued survival as a species, but to live healthier and more productive lives. Living By Design identifies why we have been successful and what we must do to continue to be successful as individuals and as a species. As a practical guide it offers conclusions not ordinarily found in other health books. Many ideas presented are confrontational and meant to move the reader to question further and take action to change. While the laws of our design for health are quite simple, returning to principles of our design is challenging. A return to living by design requires discipline, but the rewards outweigh the suffering we may avoid by living otherwise.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Larry R. Creveling



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