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Our Worlds Collide

ByLauren Hill

Human nature is controversial; it is psychologically analysed, developed and changed. Environmental nature is different, the world and society in which we live cannot be forced, no matter how much we want it to, and how much we try. So, when the government forces the world into something different; it fights back, complete with deafening consequences. The world you once knew could never be the same again... SKY CASSIDY lives in 2046, she longs for how the world once was before the Death Dates came into power. STEVEN CANE lives in 2020, he is seeing the world before the Dates, until he gets a warning from Sky about what the future holds, and suddenly his view on the world is changed forever. In their seperate world’s, they are fighting for answers and a way to change or stop the society they live in. But, what is the cost, and can what has happened to the world be truely saved from this, even when it was forced by human will in the first place?


Publication Date
Apr 17, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Lauren Hill



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