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Times Passed 1976-1999

Times Passed 1976-1999

ByLawrence Burton

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The two volumes of Times Passed assemble, in rough chronological order, every existing - unpublished or out of print - essay, review, article, writing exercise, thesis, or piece of short fiction by the author of Against Nature regardless of either quality or how much sense any of it is likely to make to anyone. Within these pages you will find everything from material written at school and related juvenilia, to the text of homemade fanzines, letters to comics, pieces from Andy Martin's Smile, music reviews from Ed Pinsent's Sound Projector, and pretty much everything else short of notes left out for the milkman. This first volume constitutes a costly juvenalia housebrick stuffed to bursting point with timeless classics such as Burton's formative western, When the Baddies Had the Bullets as well as the explorative science-fiction of The Disaster of the Ormian Weed, Galactic Backfire and The Salt - which attempts to explain the tradition of throwing spilt salt back across one's shoulder by suggesting it's something to do with aliens; and as if these treasures were not enough in and of themselves, there's also the Rockford Files fan fiction written during one prepubescent summer holiday for reasons the author remains unable to recall, but which wasn't school.


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Jul 21, 2020
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By (author): Lawrence Burton


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