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Wisdom, Skill, & Expertise for Wealth, Greatness, & Success

ByLenuf E. U.

What are the secrets of great people from different fields of life since the beginning of the world? Different things, characters, attitudes, values, practices, philosophies, methods etc were put together by great people to be who they were or are. One of the secrets of great people is ardent pursuit of wisdom, skill, and expertise. This book reveals, “Wealth is born out of wisdom; the wealth is increased by wisdom, and is constantly maintained by wisdom”; “The level of your education, i.e. your acquisition of educational wisdom and skills, determines the type of seat that will be offered to you in the public and offices.” Now is your time to soar to greatness. Lenuf assures, “You too can still be a public figure – national or international – before you die if you can increase your works of wisdom, skills, and expertise.” Begin today! How? Take time to read this book to find out how to do this.


Publication Date
Nov 2, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Lenuf E. U.



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