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Elska Magazine (04) Lisbon

ByLiam Campbell

Issue (04) was made in Lisbon, Portugal. Truly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, it makes a great contrast following the colder, more northern settings of the previous three issues: Reykjavík, Berlin, and Lviv. The warmer colour pallettes, the beaches, the hills, the crumbling old buildings and cobbled streets all bring a fresh look for the Elska collection. Of course the men are beautiful too, and inside you'll meet thirteen local boys of various backgrounds, styles and ages. Each is shot in the city or in their homes; in their own clothes or no clothes at all; without artificial styling, airbrushing and over photoshopping. It's part of the Elska goal to be authentic and honest. The stories too are honest, as each boy's photospread is accompanied by a personal story, making the experience all the more intimate and aiming to make you feel like you're right there visiting Lisbon with them.


Publication Date
Mar 1, 2016
Art & Photography
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Liam Campbell



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