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Inquiring Mind

Inquiring Mind

ByLiv Leckrone

“The Study of John Green” Throughout his career as a young adult author, John Green has consistently proven why he should be at the top of our reading lists. In this short essay I review some of Green’s most regarded novels and his reasons for writing them. I briefly cover why Green became a young adult author, how he developed his unorthodox approach to complex issues, and his inspiration behind best-sellers like: The Fault in Our Stars and Looking For Alaska. “What’s up with Satanism?” In this essay I debunk common myths and misconceptions about Satanism. While society has often regarded Satanism as a “cult of devil worshipers,” my research has shown that this is far from accurate. I cover the basic history and origins of traditional Satanism, as well as the most commonly practiced forms today. The two most famous branches: The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple, play a major role in this essay as the primary holders of the title. I discuss their journeys and reasons behind their controversial organizations. “Letters to Max” The first of many letters sent from Salamanca Bradshaw to her missing brother, Max. Salamanca sends these letters to her brother with innocent intentions, but without realizing it, she has given us the clues we need to find him. She is just trying to find clarity in his disappearance and make sense of her situation by talking to him like she used to. Through these letters we are able to piece together the mystery of Max’s disappearance and find out what truly happened to him. Was he kidnapped? Did he run away? Was he murdered? Was it suicide? Is he even alive?


Publication Date
May 17, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Liv Leckrone




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