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abigales quest

City of Lost Gold

ByLizabeth Mars

Welcome, to abigales quest city of lost gold! in an extraordinary tale, of family, and love! when Abigale finds the truth about her parents, being time travelers, and treasure hunters, she and her best friend sameri, go on the journey of life, time and seek the city of gold, and the light of the end of the tunnel in a heart warming short story series, that will touch your heart as it did mine... come along and discover, with abigale jones, and her family and friends as they discover the remarkable treasure that belonged to her parents, but they find so much more then just treasure there. Sail along, and discover the truth about abigales parents and who they are, as they begin to look for sams family, in a brand new series called Abigales Quest, get ready for book three, Sameris Song.


Publication Date
May 9, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Lizabeth Mars



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