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When the Healing Doesn’t Come

When the Healing Doesn’t Come

ByLori Hendrix

When cancer comes into the lives of our loved ones, we pray for a miracle, for physical healing —but it doesn’t always happen. When the Healing Doesn’t Come tells the true story of how cancer changed one woman’s life forever. Over time, Lori Hendrix watched as four members of her family and a dear friend succumbed to cancer. Although cancer brought heartache into Lori Hendrix’s life, it also brought her spiritual healing. At the time that her loved ones were sick, she did not understand God’s plan, but his grace gave her the strength to endure her journey. In the face of so much personal loss from cancer, she tells us how she found salvation and forgiveness from God. He comforted her grief and helped her to find purpose in her quest to find a cure for cancer. She explains how you can find peace and comfort when recovery does not come and loved ones don’t survive cancer. God healed her anger, comforted her grief, and set her on a path that would lead to salvation and forgiveness.


Publication Date
Apr 23, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Lori Hendrix



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