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A far right wing book


Stand for your country studying the Italian case and avoiding to become like them. Stay at home to avoid to spread the contagion to people that stay at home, show a paper to demonstrate you are going to buy food in the closest supermarket, put on your face the sign of submission and of moral and intellectual inferiority named mask( always and anyway) to protect the others, do not share any opinion going against what is decided my ministers having massive problems to speak their language correctly, accept to have your life completely destroyed for the only supposed preservation of a negligible minority over 80 or with an immune system already deeply compromised, you can buy food but not the light for your bathroom because if you need to go to the toilet during the night it's not essential you see the toilet, after a certain time you cant buy alcohol (the author is teetotal but it doesn't matter), accept to be injected several times with a gene serum, otherwise you cant work and in case you have no money you cant neither eat because where they give food to poor if you are not injected you can't enter, you can't enter in a restaurant or in a bar but this only if you are the disgraced owner of an italian citizenship, if you are not injected but you are a foreigner you can enter in every restaurant and in every bar, corrupted pseudo doctors tell you how to stay healthy even if they are the monument to the physical disgrace, your children must be forced to wear the mask outdoor under the sun. This remembering a demographic increasing of 80 millions people on the surface of the planet in both 2020 and in 2021. This remembering in Shitaly in 2019 Before the Covidictatorship 49.000 entered healthy in public hospitals and dead for infections contracted there. This remembering Shitaly is the last country in the world for government efficiency with Venezuela (and on Venezuela we have doubts for a probable political penalty ) and the last country in the world for natality rate ( it couldn't be otherwise considering the aesthetical desirability of women). This remembering in Shitaly you must place a signal out of your garden advising you own dogs but if the signal is not declined plural and own two digs they fine you, recently a german tourist dead at the age of 25 in Rome because the employee answering from the hospital wasn't able to speak any English, basically you can't own weapons, but if you own one after a long and expensive procedure and you shoot to a criminal


Publication Date
May 11, 2022
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): LUCA BAREL



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