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Live a life that means

ByM A Botke

THE GRAND SUCCESS M A BOTKE An author of the Peace. I dedicated more than twenty years of my life to recognize GOD, and the result you will find in this book. The book is based on, “The way of life” to live a peaceful life, and get the eternal life, hereafter. Recognize God's Entity in an extraordinary way. Presents an exceptional art of living to make unity in humanity. How big and great is God? “God almighty created millions of sky and all existence under them like a particle, a seed in front of Him.” "Such an extremely big God whose personality is special and alone, He is the only one creator and owner of all existence. Watching everything and their movements at a time." Had the answers of very important and prominent questions like. 1)Who is our God? 2)Who created God? 3)How Does He look like? 4)How big is God? 5)How wonderful is God and His Entity? 6)Did God need prayers from us? 7)How we humans are created? 8)How and why the extremely enormous universe created? 9)Why do we exist? 10)Why is this particular law not some other? 11)Why there is something rather than nothing? 12)What is our duty? “If you want to live a peaceful life over here in this world and get the ETERNAL life hereafter,” then please read my book. English is not my native language, therefor I would like to apologize for grammar mistakes. We are all the children of GOD, if anywhere in the world, there is cruelty with poor, necessitous, needy and pious people. And despite knowing everything, we, people all over the world remain silent, do not take measures to prevent this atrocity, or do not try so hard to prevent and stop the cruelty, to get them oppressed. Then the wrath of God will be revealed, that means one person or some people did the cruelty, the wrongdoer was a person, but loss of it and suffering have to take over the whole world.      This is how God's laws are, If the poor are hit by bombardment, killed and  destroyed then world will face earthquakes, twisters and tsunamis and if they are locked down, slaughtered in captivity and starving, Then there will be famine, floods, pestilence and pandemics attacks all over the world.      Remember if we bombard, locked-down or slaughtered civilians anywhere, the rich people of that area will be safe, get food to eat and everything they will get by spending money, but the poor will die in bombardment, or in lockdown because of hunger. The misery and imprecate of the poor comes to its end, in forms like coronavirus.


Publication Date
Jul 12, 2020
Social Science
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By (author): M A Botke



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