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Twenty Eight Days

ByMaggie Pickard

Explicit Content
DESCRIPTION: Amy discovers that Ben, her most annoying and troublesome employee in her department has been embezzling money from the company. She gives him a choice between jail or proving that he can be turned from a life of crime. His choice ends up changing both their lives forever in a way that nobody saw coming. EXCERPT: Amy took off the overcoat and let it fall to the floor. She saw Bens eyes open wide as she walked over to the side of the bed trying as hard as she could to look sexy. His face was a picture, eyes wide, jaw open and breathing heavily. His body was laying on the bed, stretched out and open for her. She could see his chest rising and falling, his arm muscles straining against the cuffs. She put a hand on his neck and slowly slid it down his chest. He looked at her with a mixture of fear, anxiety and desire. She could see that she was arousing him, so she leaned close to him and whispered in his ear "Do not do it." emphasizing the not part. "If you do I will make you cry." she stated in a matter of fact tone. Amy slid her hand slowly up and down his cock, squeezing it, working it, making him whimper as he tries not to do what comes naturally. He made squeaking and whining noises while his body was writhing and squirming. He wanted to so badly and the sight of Amy sitting there in her underwear was not helping. He strained and struggled underneath her simple but effective grip. Amy felt the power run through her as she worked him up. It had been a few seconds and already she was in more control of his body than he was. After a few minutes making him writhe around he started to beg. Amy stood up, removed her bra and panties, leaned over him and said "Do not do it." She then rubbed her chest in his face as she grabbed him once more. His expression changed from fear to arousal when her hand made its first move. Quickly, however, it changed to frustration and then confusion. Amy felt him pulsing as she slowly worked him over with her hand. She felt powerful as she kept stroking it, feeling its twitching and surging, making his whole body grind and twist with just a hand. Amy released him. She could hear Ben give a sigh of relief as the pressure on him suddenly lifted. He was just wondering what he had won when he felt the scrape of one finger. Amy was now just using one finger, not even a whole hand, to make him dance. All the frustrations came back to him as he tried to defy her touch. Amy felt the surge of power, the sheer delight at b


Publication Date
Sep 14, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Maggie Pickard



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