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ByMarco Cannilla

Michael Mix lives as the caretaker of a cemetery near Salisbury, together with his assistant Jester. Lorraine End, a grieving girl who appeared after her father's burial, tasks him with investigating the suicide of her father, John End, to uncover the real motivations behind it. Having traced it back to Father Alfred, to whom John used to confess, the caretaker learns the truth uttered to the priest, who believes that John predicted the coming of the apocalypse. Michael seeks confirmation from Carlos Stukeley, an elderly friend and connoisseur of mythologies, legends, and history, who reflects on the connection of various codes discovered within texts, paintings, and other tools created by the minds of men. The caretaker remains skeptical about it, but after reaching his own home, he witnesses the first attack on Salisbury by strange winged beings that arrived through a black hole that appeared in the sky. Michael, Jester, Lorraine, and Carlos find themselves together, embarking on a suspenseful journey, trying to survive in the ultimate war between angels and demons fought on our plane due to a violated pact between God and Satan. During their escape, Michael will discover that he has a task of great importance in the apocalypse, but the most powerful weapon, the key that will determine the victory of good or evil, remains mankind.


Publication Date
Jun 5, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Marco Cannilla



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