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Math Mammoth Grade 7-B Worktext (International version)

International Version

ByMaria Miller

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Math Mammoth Grade 7-B worktext is the second part of a complete math curriculum for 7th grade. This is a pre-algebra course, and students can continue to algebra 1 after studying it. The curriculum meets the Common Core Standards for grade 7 but also exceeds them in places. Part B starts out with a study of ratios and proportions (chapter 6). Students study unit rates, proportions, proportional relationships and graphing, scaling geometric figures, floor plans, and maps. The next chapter provides thorough lessons on the concept of percent. Students learn to solve a wide variety of problems involving percentages, including percentage of change, percentages of comparison, and simple interest problems. Geometry is our focus in chapter 8. Students draw geometric figures using a a protractor and a ruler, and they also learn some basic geometric constructions. The other themes of this chapter are various angle relationships, area and the perimeter of a circle, conversions between units of area and of volume, surface area, volume, and cross-sections when solids are sliced with a plane. Chapter 9 covers square roots, the Pythagorean Theorem, and its applications. You may omit the entire chapter if necessary (such as for lack of time), since the Pythagorean Theorem is also included in any 8th grade math program that follows Common Core, and in high school math courses. Chapter 10 is an introduction to probability. Besides learning the basic idea behind probability as the ratio of favorable events to all possible events, students compare experimental probabilities to theoretical ones in probability simulations and even design some on their own. Lastly, in chapter 11, the curriculum covers statistical concepts. The major areas of study are random sampling and learning to compare two populations using some basic statistical measures and graphs. The part 7-A, an answer key book, and a book containing cumulative reviews and chapter tests are available for purchase separately on Lulu.


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Sep 26, 2018
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By (author): Maria Miller


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