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Math Mammoth Grade 2-A Worktext (International Version)

International Version

ByMaria Miller

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Math Mammoth Grade 2-A Worktext (International Version) is the student worktext for the first half of grade 2, and part of the Math Mammoth Grade 2 complete curriculum. This book, 2-A, covers some revision, even and odd numbers, doubling, reading the clock, addition and subtraction facts within 0 - 18, adding two-digit numbers, geometry and fractions. The rest of the topics for 2nd grade are covered in the student book 2-B. Being a worktext, the book contains both the necessary instruction and the problems and exercises (the 'text' and the 'work'; thus a "worktext"), and is for the most part self-teaching. Some main features of Math Mammoth complete curriculum (Light Blue series) are: - focuses on conceptual understanding; - uses lots of visual models and pattern exercises; - mastery-oriented, focusing at length on a topic; - emphasizes mental maths and number sense - requires little preparation from the teacher. This curriculum is essentially the same as the US version of Math Mammoth Grade 2, only customised for the international audience in these aspects: - The currency used in the money chapters in grades 1-3 is the Australian dollar. - The curriculum teaches the metric measurement units. Imperial units, such as inches and pounds, are not used. - The spelling conforms to British international standards (British English). - Page (paper) size is A4. Please note this is a student worktext and does not contain the answers. The answer key book is available separately on Lulu. The other parts of Math Mammoth Grade 2 curriculum (International Version) are: grade 2-B student worktext, grade 2 answer keys, and grade 2 tests and mixed revisions (all available on Lulu).


Publication Date
Sep 6, 2018
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By (author): Maria Miller


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A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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