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Math Mammoth Grade 2-B Worktext (International Version)

Math Mammoth Grade 2-B Worktext (International Version)

International Version

ByMaria Miller

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Math Mammoth Grade 2-B International Version is the student worktext (in full color) for the second half of grade 2, and part of the Math Mammoth Grade 2 complete curriculum. This book covers three-digit numbers, measuring, regrouping in addition and subtraction, money (using Australian money) and the introduction to multiplication. The rest of the topics for 2nd grade are covered in the student book 2-A. Being a worktext, the book contains both the necessary instruction and the problems and exercises (the 'text' and the 'work'; thus a "worktext"), and is for the most part self-teaching. Some main features of Math Mammoth complete curriculum (Light Blue series) are: - focuses on conceptual understanding; - uses lots of visual models and pattern exercises; - mastery-oriented, focusing at length on a topic; - emphasizes mental maths and number sense - requires little preparation from the teacher. This curriculum is essentially the same as the US version of Math Mammoth Grade 2, only customised for the international audience in these aspects: - The currency used in the money chapters in grades 1-3 is the Australian dollar. - The curriculum teaches the metric measurement units. Imperial units, such as inches and pounds, are not used. - The spelling conforms to British international standards (British English). - Page (paper) size is A4. Please note this is a student worktext and does not contain the answers. The answer key book is available separately on Lulu. The other parts of Math Mammoth International Version Grade 2 curriculum are: grade 2-A student worktext, grade 2 answer keys, and grade 2 tests and mixed revisions (all available on Lulu).


Publication Date
Sep 6, 2018
Education & Language
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By (author): Maria Miller


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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