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Math Mammoth Measuring 1

Blue Series

ByMaria Miller

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Math Mammoth Measuring 1 is a worktext that covers measuring length, weight, and volume for grades 1-3. The book contains both textbook explanations and exercises, and is designed to be very easy to teach from, requiring fairly little teacher preparation; however in several lessons you need to find beforehand measuring equipment such as a ruler or a scale or measuring cups. The lessons concentrate on hands-on exercises where the student actually measures things. I have only included a few problems about conversion between measuring units; students will study those more in later grades. The lessons on measuring weight have several activities to do at home using a bathroom scales. The goal is to let students become familiar with pounds and kilograms, and have an idea of how many pounds or kilograms some common things weigh. In order to estimate weight, a child has to know the approximate weights of some objects, and then compare the weight of the unknown object to some known weight. This knowledge is gained through experience. Similarly, in studying volume, the lessons include many hands-on activities so that the student gets first-hand experience in measuring, and has a basic knowledge of how “big” the units cup, pint, quart, gallon, milliliter, and liter are. When it comes to measuring, experience is the best teacher. We all use various measuring units in our everyday life, and using them is the key to remembering what they are and what the conversion factors are. Naturally, people in the United States often do not use the metric system a lot, while people elsewhere do not use the customary system. The units your child is not using are likely to be forgotten easily. So encourage the student(s) to have free play time with measuring devices such as a scale, measuring cups, a measuring tape, and rulers—including equipment that uses metric units. The answer key is included (appended).


Publication Date
Oct 5, 2007
Education & Language
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By (author): Maria Miller


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