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Math Mammoth Metric Measuring 1

Blue Series

ByMaria Miller

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Math Mammoth Metric Measuring 1 is a worktext that covers measurement-related topics over the span of three grade levels (grades 1-3; ages 6-9 years). Being a worktext, it contains both explanations of the concepts (the “text”) and exercises (the “work”). The lessons in the book come from Math Mammoth Complete Curriculum, grades 1-3, and cover measuring length, weight and volume using the most common metric units, and some easy conversions between the units. In general, the lessons require very little teacher preparation; however in several you will need to have on hand common measuring tools, such as a ruler, a scale or measuring cups. This book is not organised by grade levels nor with increasing difficulty. Instead, the lessons are grouped by topic. The first seven lessons deal with measuring length, in increasing difficulty. The very first lessons only deal with centimetres and millimetres and teach students how to measure the length of objects using a ruler and a measuring tape. Then there are lessons that also include metres and kilometres. Lastly, all common metric units for length are dealt with. Then follow two lessons about weight (mass). In the first one, students use bathroom scales to weigh objects in kilograms. Next they will learn about grams, and use kitchen scales to weigh things in grams. The book also has one lesson about volume (Millilitres and Litres), which includes many hands-on activities. When it comes to measuring, experience is the best teacher. We all use various measurement units in our everyday life, and using them is the key to remembering what they are and how to convert between them. The units your student is not using are likely to be forgotten easily. So encourage your student to have free “play time” with measuring devices such as scales, measuring cups, measuring tapes and rulers. The answers are appended.


Publication Date
Mar 17, 2023
Education & Language
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By (author): Maria Miller


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