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Parenting ComParables

ByMarisa Rickerson

Why does God want us to call Him Father? What does it mean to have a “personal relationship” with Him? We speak of these things so frequently and casually, but have our minds really been renewed to walk by faith in the reality of them? Parenting ComParables is a collection of parables which compare our parenting with the parenting of our Heavenly Father. Parables empower us to understand the mysterious things of God. Parenting ComParables allows us to more fully grasp what it means to have an intimate relationship with the loving, faithful, providing, long-suffering, personal, and engaging God who is called Father. Parenting ComParables will infuse you with a deeper confirmation of Who He is as your Father and who you as His very own child. Perhaps the greatest need we have right now as Christians is the need to continually renew our minds with the truth and uproot any misunderstandings concerning the goodness of our Father and our love relationship with Him.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Marisa Rickerson



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