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Tomorrow's Promise

ByMarjorie Shepherd

When WW2 broke out I was five years old. I was a happy child, living with my parents, two elder sisters and my new baby sister. Suddenly, without explanation, I was uprooted and sent away, alone, to Scarborough. Just settling down to my new life after about a year or so, I was brought home again to feel the full force of the Air Raids... Being `bombed out' three times in a fortnight and having to find another house to live in. In the book I vividly recall some of the highlights of my experiences of growing up in Hull through the war and after. How the city `came to life again' when the lights came back on. The Youth Clubs, Dances, the St John Ambulance Brigade starting up, Hull Fair and other amusements. I tell of how we coped with rationing, queues,etc. and how we children amused ourselves, the games we played and different happenings at different seasons.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
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By (author): Marjorie Shepherd



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