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Kenpo Karate Techniques for Second Black

ByMark Arnott

A complete description of all American Kenpo Karate techniques required for 2nd Degree Black Belt. This is a manual, meant to be used on the mat as you work out. Each technique is given a short description in a couple of sentences, followed by a detailed step-by-step description that allows you to easily realize the stance or step or punch that needs review to make the technique work. Then follows a discussion, a section of comments by teachers and students about what has worked for them. The print is large enough to stand a good chance of being readable if left open on the floor next to you as you work out. No description of a technique covers more than a page, so you don't need to turn a page while practicing (the discussions do cross page breaks). This manual has been written and formatted as a tool- not only to help you learn the technique, but to be able to practice it without reading through paragraphs of detail.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mark Arnott



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