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Pretenders War

Pretenders War

Book 1 in The Stuart Supremacy series

ByMartin Hilyard

It is Spring 1782. The Catholic Supremacy in England is coming to an end under the incompetent rule of Charles Edward Stuart, known widely as 'The Stuart Pretender' for the weakness and disasters of his reign. How did it come to this? When James II repulsed William of Orange's invasion in 1688 and then allied with the Sun King, Louis XIV, to invade and destroy the Dutch Republic, he ushered in a golden age, earning the title James The Great. The Catholic Church is restored, the Jesuits and monastic orders re-established, Protestantism and dissent suppressed. In war after war England's armies triumph to reach a pinnacle of power under his son, James III. But then comes old age, illness and dissolution. When James III dies in 1766, England is at her lowest ebb, wracked by civil unrest and riot, rampant poverty and inequality, religious oppression. Abroad war is endless as mighty empires grapple with each other. Beneath the banners, little-known to the marching armies and powerful fleets, a shadow war also rages, a war of intrigue, spying and violent death. All across Europe, on every front where the great powers – France, Spain and England – confront each other, a vast network of agents fight a secret war, sometimes for their masters, often for themselves. Saddled with debt, Lieutenant Randall Chastain of His Catholic Majesty's ship Audacity arrives on the Caribbean Station and sets out to obtain wealth by any means possible. But his activities soon attract the attention of traitors within the Navy intent on aiding King Carlos of Spain. Through siege, battle, rebellion and war he must enter this world of intrigue if he means to survive.


Publication Date
Oct 15, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Martin Hilyard



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