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The Lady Grace

The Lady Grace

ByMary Lefebre

Britain in 1381 is a world held in delicate balance. A boy king sits on the throne; high taxation and plague are the scourge of the people; a struggle for land and position is the quest of the nobility. When left without an army, Lady Grace Maitland calls upon the services of a mercenary knight, Simon Lowell, with a grudge of his own against the Maitland family. She needs him as a soldier, but can she trust him as a man? As Grace embarks on a journey to secure her people’s safety, she quickly realizes she must trust this knight if she and her people are ever to find peace. When suspicions of invasion point to one of Simon’s oldest friends, he must question his loyalties and confront his long-hidden self-doubt. Only by coming to terms with his past will he be able to find happiness in his future. As details of the threat unfold, both Simon and Grace are ensnared in a deception deeper than either imagined. Cunning, trust, and the very hand of fate are their only chances of survival.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mary Lefebre



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