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Scammer: The Roger Report

ByMcLean Micro

Have you ever gotten a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, who tells you that your computer is infected? He will offer to clean it for you by logging in from remote, for a small service fee. If you ever get such a call, hang up! It is a scam. If you pay him, not only will you lose the money you send him, but he may be able to steal more money from you in the future, without your knowledge. I recently got such a call, and I had a virtual machine ready so I could record everything such scammers do. These scammers can do some nasty things to capture your banking and charge card information, and any other sensitive information on your computer. They may also try to use your computer for other illegal purposes, such as fraud. This detailed report show what scammers do, and (if you are tech savvy) what you can do to frustrate them. Please share this free report with everyone. The more people who read it, the fewer the number of people who will be susceptible to this type of scam.


Publication Date
Nov 8, 2013
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): McLean Micro



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