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The Vampiric Angel

ByMichael Cronauer

Heavenly Angels… Arion Cainen, the world’s last true Nephilim… A child born of mortal woman by an angel, In the days when Eden yet existed and Mankind was still Glorified immortal by the grace of God.Raised in Heaven while the world was almost destroyed in the Great Deluge. This is the story of how he longed to walk in the Mortal World once again, and what he found there when he did. Sultry Vampires… A’Morradin Khaine, once of the Progeny of Caine the Kinslayer himself, cursed to an eternal existence of bloodlust, and further cursed to endure the Flaw created when an ancient vampire merged his essence with another’s. This is the story of how a Nephilim’s compassion renewed his capacity for the lust for life, and desire in the Unlife. “(The) style is formidable - word choices stellar and the tone… just sucks me in and enthralls me… I especially like the blend of poetry and narrative… wonderful writing… awesome flow, hard hitting dialogue, and wonderful action.... spot on!"


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Michael Cronauer



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