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Little Steps Big Change

ByMichael Farr

Whether the goal is scheduled for achievement inside a short duration of time or one of a lifetime, today's fast-paced digital world is plagued with distractions generally decreasing momentum. These diversions, often hindering as well as prolonging the journey to success can be minimized by way of routine reminders. For some of us with less than perfect focus, a significant loss in momentum typically causes the intended target to be completely missed. Maintaining momentum during our pursuit towards accomplishment is the keystone of this book. Throughout these pages you will uncover tools and techniques proven invaluable for their ability to guide any goal from conception to completion. Among them, are effective strategies emphasizing the critical link between the subconscious or habitual mind and your greatest desires. In addition, a variety of age-old wisdom essential for any journey intended to strengthen your core beliefs, bringing forth effective thought.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Michael Farr



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