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Desire with Your Guy

Secret to Building Passion

Bymir sultan

Lots of things matter in life. Your career. Your health. Your finances. But nothing matters quite as much as your relationships. I mean, think about it. What's the fun of "succeeding" if there's no one there to celebrate it with you? Even something as simple as a beautiful sunset loses much of its significance if there's no one by your side to enjoy it with you. Though I should confess... I am a little biased. Because I'm a professional relationship coach. Which means I spend my days helping people get the relationship they want. And I spend my off-hours investing in the people that make my life rich and rewarding. So my world pretty much revolves around relationships. Helping people find romantic bliss is what I do. Does that sound fun to you? Well I can tell you it is, but it hasn't always been that way.


Publication Date
Sep 19, 2021
Young Adult
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
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