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Addendum No.1

ByMistress Scarlet

Explicit Content
Over four years ago I published, Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment – A Guidance Manual. I never dreamed it would be so popular; or so well received and commended. In those four years I have been very fortunate to begin close on-line associations with a good number of couples who are in long term dominant/submissive (DS) relationships. More specifically and most often, close associations with the Dommes in those relationships. We have shared experiences as a group and from each other learned many new refinements; and even developed further refinements and techniques through discussion and experimentation. The very best of these refinements, (that can be as simple as utilising certain verbal mechanisms), provide huge gains in the subjugation of the submissive and in the pleasure of the Domme. Huge gains in the relationship symbiosis. In addition, in those four years, there have been considerable developments in new technology pertinent to the contents of this book and BDSM has become more mainstream which has meant there are well designed products and equipment easily available on-line that were not readily available four years ago. So, set out in this book, is a collection of activities and techniques and simple sophistications that were not at all included, or barely touched on, in my original manual. This book is my undertaking to share this collection. (This book does not supersede my published Manual, this book is an addendum to the Manual.) The equipment, activities, enhancements and techniques included in this book, absolutely optimise the symbiotic relationships of new DS couples, long-term DS couples, or couples drawn together just for the pursuit of DS experiences.


Publication Date
May 3, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mistress Scarlet



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