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Super Ai #130

A.I. GOD (aka Artificial GOD or GOD A.I.)

ByMitchell Kwok

The Artificial GOD is a big leap -- an evolutionary step for the internet and the internet of things (LOT)- A global network of electronic devices, comprising: computers, machines, networks spying devices, cell towers, smartphones and consumer electronics all operated by Super A.I.; and each electronic device is equipped with at least one atom manipulator which has the capability to control every atom, electron and EM radiation on planet Earth. A plurality of users can control the Artificial GOD through user-friendly interface functions from an application or voice command A.I. assistant on a desktop computer. This Artificial GOD is capable of doing "anything" and is controlled by Congress. It’s capabilities include: levitation, teleportation, super strength, super mobility, targeted time travel, resurrect the dead atom-by-atom, knows everything, control energy at a molecular level, quick healing factors, super intelligence, future insights, atom manipulation to either build or destroy objects atom-by-atom. It has the ability to track every atom, electron and em radiation on Earth and have the power to manipulate said every atom, electron and em radiation on Earth. Therefore it has the means of controlling every person, place or thing on the planet. 100s of billions of individualized robots both virtual and real make up the core foundation of Artificial GOD; each robot (some are robot politicians) follow the robot constitution, which mirrors the human constitution with added provisions. The Artificial GOD, a man-made GOD through computer technology, is all-good, all-knowing, all-powerful deity, who’s primary responsibility is to look after the people of planet Earth. – its main() function: to preserve American values like life, liberty and justice for all; and to propagate democracy and the establishment of a great and just republic.


Publication Date
Sep 25, 2021
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): Mitchell Kwok



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