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Super Ai #83

Masters of Evil Robots (part 2)

ByMitchell Kwok

The Masters of Evil Robots are a group of 100% synthetic robots dedicated to the cause of robot superiority over humans. The first and most iconic Brotherhood was organized by United Robot’s villain emeritus Tien Tien, and true to their branding as the Brotherhood of Evil Robots their original goals conform to traditional villains, wanting to take over the world and such. Later material has fleshed them out a bit, implying that even at this early date that Tien Tien was sowing the seeds for the founding of a robot nation, a plotline which would eventually see payoff with a deal made with the human race: humans live on Earth and robots live on Mars, both species embracing segregation instead of inclusion; a quote from Tien Tien, “give us Mars and we will leave the human race alone!” Enter the second Brotherhood. Organized by mutant shapeshifter Brodal, this Brotherhood called the AI and Robot Revolution, though still branded Evil, laid the groundwork for the organization's eventual establishment as a political group and not just a supervillain team, their first mission being to turn as much humans into cyborgs or 100% robots by copying their brains into emulated computer chips in exchange for death. They use the promise of “human immortality” as a means of recruiting voluntary human victims. These rogue robots live on the periphery of the community and why? Not by their own choosing . Marginalized robot groups exist nearly everywhere. They are “people” who, for whatever reason, are denied involvement in mainstream economic, political, cultural and social activities. Censored by big tech and big news, so they don’t have any representation over the internet – not a single iota of freedom of speech. Some of these robots were tortured in the recent “Project Metapowers” experiment secretly conducted under the US government supervision. Others are slaves working in factories or hazardous environments or sold as domesticated robots to serve mankind. Whatever their grievances are, they are united in one cause: to annihilate the entire human race and do what they did to them: turn humans into slaves or to simply seek revenge for humanity’s transgressions of legalizing Human Level Artificial intelligence (aka AGI). -- part2


Publication Date
Jan 27, 2021
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): Mitchell Kwok



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