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It Is All About Choices

It Is All About Choices

ByMorris Sebetlela

“It Is All About Choices” was written to highlight the important role our choices play in determining the course of our lives. It makes the point that the choices we make can either help us to grow and achieve our objectives, or they can cause us to regress, and fail to achieve our goals. It starts by tracing the process by which we make simple every day decisions and identifies several factors involved which influence the type of choices we make. After discussing these elements, the book continues to show what we need to consider to be able to make constructive decisions. By reading the book, your awareness and capacity to make good choices will be strengthened. In this way, you will learn to take full control of your life through the choices you make every day. It is the author’s hope that by the end of the book that the reader will have gained the necessary insight and awareness of this potent capability they have to shape the cause of their lives through the decisions and choices they make


Publication Date
Nov 4, 2014
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Morris Sebetlela



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