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Nervous System & Special Senses

Quizzed Booklet

ByMostafa ElNaggar

You have no time for studying large boring textbooks which wasted your time and effort, then use this concise booklet. You do not trust the concise books and lecture notes, which could be deficient, inadequate and unfruitful, then use this quizzed booklet. This quizzed booklet is written in an easy to understand, straight forward language. It does not include any material more than that is needed to master the subject and pass the test. It is presented in the form of bulleted items that enable you to absorb more information even during late night study. It offers you the basic anatomical & physiological information for the nervous system and the special senses with clinical applications. It is supported with well-formed tables, and carefully selected relevant photos and diagrams. You can enjoy studying it rapidly, and use it as a quick revision before the examination. It is useful for students of Nursery, Emergency Medicine and paramedical. It is a valuable concise revision for students of Medicine, Dentistry, PA and DA.


Publication Date
Aug 28, 2021
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Mostafa ElNaggar



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