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The Three That Are One

The Three That Are One

ByMunashe Soka

Unlike other books on the same subject, this book uniquely stands on its own as Munashe Soka explains in an outstanding way the mystery about the deity of Jesus Christ and that of the Holy Spirit. Concerning Jesus Christ, the author responded to less answered questions in the Body of Christ as: • How can Jesus be both God and the Son of God? • Was Jesus created? Having seen how many are still unsure whether Jesus is God because he prayed to God as well as calling Himself the Son of God, the author explains as he points out that: • Jesus who was God at one time became the Son of God only so that He could identify with mankind. • Jesus wasn’t created but was the first to be BORN AGAIN. Having put in plain words deeper truths about the deity of Christ, the author devotes the second part of this book to the person of the Holy Spirit whom He explained as the one who makes the Trinity one. Perhaps one of the interesting things the author talks about is how he sheds light on how the Holy Spirit looks like.


Publication Date
Oct 20, 2016
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Munashe Soka



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