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QuestNet’s 3 Shocker Tricks

ByMusawenkosi Dube

QuestNet is a Multi-Level Marketing initiative that was introduced to our country in June 07. Since then, sensitive issues have erupted from this. Families have turned enemies; couples are at the verge of divorce and many unpleasant stories. To those who are making it in QuestNet, 'Your QuestNet is not our QuestNet". In this e-book, I give straight to the point experiences of three different people. All of them lament having joined QuestNet because the expert who first presented told a pure lie. These are: 1. Triple Header - "False attempts to disprove the fact that a rose with a different name would still smell the same' 2. Carry over of down lines - 'Making prospects to believe that they'll always be paid for their effort'. 3. Good for your Family and Bonus at 18:18 Achievement - Contradicting the 'Carry Over Rule'. 4. Discouraging prospects to join on their own and 5. Keeping the forex at a standing rate. Most of all, this e-book is only an offer for advice, you either take it or leave it.


Publication Date
Jan 29, 2008
Business & Economics
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By (author): Musawenkosi Dube



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