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Year 2059


ByNaif Makmi

When a curious astrobiologist, Phillipa Maxwell, discovers the alien origin of the virus, she’s stunned A mysterious illness, peaceful aliens, and humanity begins to die; only to rise again as zombies… When a virus strikes humanity, turning them into zombies, peaceful aliens offer aid—but the virus has alien origins… An alien virus turns humans into zombies—a war begins Humans and aliens peacefully coexist… so why is an alien virus turning humans into zombies? Aliens and humans coexist—a pandemic that turns humans into zombies could spark a war… Especially when a curious astrobiologist, Phillipa Maxwell, discovers the alien origin of the virus. Stricken with grief after her brother is patient zero and has become a zombie, she turns her eyes heavenward as a group of aliens makes a sinister entry to planet Earth. Suddenly the zombies are weaponized, becoming soldiers in an ugly war. Humanity must fight. Fight to stay healthy, fight the zombies, fight this new alien threat. Phillipa, caught in the crossfire of battle, watches friends—aliens and human-alike—fall, only humans to be risen into more zombies. With the tides of war turning, she must do the unthinkable; use the fate treasure of the universe. Will she use it in time to save the day? Or will she be destroyed, doomed to fight for the wrong side in a war against those she once loved as a zombie?


Publication Date
Mar 19, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Naif Makmi



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