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Pinkcy: Dancing Up an Empire

ByNicholas Bartock

With our dance club bucking the trend, success is our friend. But the high street is not reflecting our success and we swoop in to take advantage of the failing high street. With plans for a Male Grooming Spa and separate Male Sauna the high street is soon to become our own little empire in the making. Alex our new business partner turns out to more than we had planned. James and I are on the rocks, or so it appears! With a strong family unit and Ryan from the states visiting an intervention is set in motion to resolve the issues. The only problem is; the intervening help is a greater problem than the problem itself. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Is murder the only solution of survival? Can Ryan find a new solution? And, is our success going to be our greatest downfall to date? Follow the men on a sex romp book of exploring opportunities and each other. A Business Empire in the making along with all the new challenges along with a call to repeat a dark deed from the past.


Publication Date
Apr 8, 2013
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Nicholas Bartock



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