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The Revelation Enigma Decoded

Apocalypse Trilogy

ByNicklas Arthur

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What is Bible Prophecy? Simply put, Bible Prophecy is God given history in advance. The Books in this volume are primarily concerned with the prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation. When we begin to read the book of Revelation, we are promised a blessing, and immediately the epistles to the seven churches challenge us with admonition and the promise of reward: there is something there for all men in all ages. These three books in one volume should endow one with a very thorough grasp of the Historicist understanding of the Revelation. Historicism is the precept that Prophecy is History in advance, Prophecy continually unfolds in History, and History verifies that which has already been fulfilled. The several books are short and sweet, as there is no need for an abundance of superfluous facts of truth and unending conjectured scripture combinations regularly included by prophecy pundits, merely comprised to impress, prop up and at the same time obscure complex and bold speculations, which if stood alone would be clearly seen for what they are. I have here endeavored to examine every apocalyptic symbol and those symbols attached or related to them, then draw my conclusions from scripture, and scripture alone. I hope and pray that sharing this journey here, will be as enlightening and clarifying for you, dear reader, as it has been for me.


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Sep 19, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Nicklas Arthur


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