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The Enslaved Mind

The Blessing of Suffering and Pain

ByNidal Odat

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The world and its simplicities are often nothing more than an illusion, hiding the mysteries from plane sight. This very World from the mind of a bipolar person is one that is plagued with challenges, but his view and perception is often unadulterated and perhaps that can only be the source to deciphering our purpose, happiness and thinking. Come join me as I take you on a journey through the divide in my mind and show you the world in a context you might not have even know possible. Life is double sided coin; it is predictable and yet unpredictable, there is despair and yet there is hope, where there is sorrow there is joy and where there is darkness, there is light. Our brains can interpret as such because we can have the view from both the sides, our internal conflict for answers and the fight between good and bad results in our existence questioning a lot more than what you might be used to. How we can cope with having a positive outlook at life and how we can fuel the fire of ambition so that in this journey through my mind, we can have a slice of my life and grow together towards richness that awaits us.


Publication Date
Dec 20, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Nidal Odat


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