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Stay Strong

Sit in an I AM ENOUGH Confidence

ByNorm Harshaw

How do you get down to the "Real" conversation in your business? In your life?Are you surrounding yourself with the clients and/or friends that are making you successful? Does your purpose sentence guide your every future step, in life and business? Are you hiding your real self to impress others and being miserable in the process? My grand challenge is what this book is about, and the title of this book; Stay Strong and sit in an I AM ENOUGH confidence. Self-confidence is one of the subject's personality researchers and mental health professionals most like to study. Thousands of journal articles have been devoted to it, along with dozens of books telling adults how to raise their own self-confidence or their children's (Harvard health-Harvard University). Why is confidence, or lack thereof, one of the most studied and written about subjects in the world? Because at one time or another; we all struggle, no one is immune. It doesn't matter your age, occupation, skin color, nationality, job type, or whether you are a professional athletes, actors, actresses, or politician, we all struggle the same. In fact, it seems the more in the public spotlight you are, the harder you must protect your confidence. I am here to give you hope from a real-world view, learned in the trenches of life and business. This is street smarts, not book smarts. This is real, not manufactured stats in some lab or classroom where the researchers are living in a bubble-nothing wrong with academic papers but when is the last time you read one, or cared to?


Publication Date
Jul 26, 2021
Business & Economics
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By (author): Norm Harshaw



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