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DIY Boat Building Manual - Rye Bay 8

ByPaul Downey

The STANLEY SmallCraft Stitch & Tape DIY Boat Building Manual - How to Build the RYE BAY 8 Build your own great little boat that can be used to row, motor and sail - or all three. It's easy to build too. Just three sheets of plywood for the basic hull plus a few lenths of timber and some epoxy to hold it all together. Built using the Stitch & Tape or Stitch & Glue method which is ideally suited to this kind of DIY boat building. Basically, you mark out the plywood sheets with the plank shapes etc. then cut them out, stitch it all together and apply the epoxy to hold it together and make it watertight. This book contains a wealth of information on the materials you will be using and step by step instructions to take you through the stages of the build with handy tips along the way from marking out the plywood through to adding a sail rig. Plus, if you need it, email help and advice. All this at less than the cost of large scale plans with little or no instructions.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Crafts & Hobbies
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By (author): Paul Downey



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