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Focus vs. Vespa

ByPaul Gilberry

Honestly, it jumps from rough to fuzzy, and not a lot of smooth. It's an "essay" a day and a “plot” lurking between just before Katrina and just after Wilma. It was a blog joke I was playing on friends who googled me. It's a stream of consciousness funny you might not think is your cup of darjeeling, and what a great word darjeeling is, though as a beverage, like all tea, to me, it lacks. Unlike my kickass book. Read a little. You'll be ashamed for me, but you'll want to read more. Then you'll think it's sort of clever. It barely works. Like a watch, but with cogs and springs made of nonsense and cursing. Look inside your Swatch and tell me why it works. And if you repair watches, or your 'gampy' did, and you can hear a sour tick every 43rd second, well screw you, Mr. Renaissance Man, it was rhetorical. Trust me. You've bought less for more. It's better than bad movie tickets. It's better than KFC. Well it's at least between them. Mmm. Self published pretty goodness.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Paul Gilberry



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