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ByPawel Zastrzezynski

FOUND is not a classic book. Its author is not a writer – he is a movie director. In the book, he relates his life, which is like a movie script. It is a story filled with images that he tries to rearrange into a whole and give meaning to it. Under the watchful eye of Wanda Poltawska, who is a psychiatrist, he puts his life in order, as if it were a movie production. The protagonist of the book is a man in his forties – a Pole who grows up in post-communist times. His burning desire is to become a movie director. It is a turning point in his life – since then, his life is heading for a downfall, loss of identity and dignity. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who was friends with Dr Półtawska, used to say that a fallen man is like a gold bar that fell into mud. In order to make it gold again, one needs to take it out of the mud and clean it. This is the story of Found. The story of a man who looking for a meaning in his movie career is trying to find himself. Even he himself is surprised with the ending of the story.


Publication Date
Mar 8, 2016
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By (author): Pawel Zastrzezynski



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