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AI  Age Knowledge Worksheet Peter Chew Triangle Diagram Worksheet

AI Age Knowledge Worksheet Peter Chew Triangle Diagram Worksheet

ByPeter Chew

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Peter Chew Triangle Diagram guide students to solve all solution of triangle problems directly, easily and accurately by a single rule. This will increase students interest in using Peter Chew Triangle Diagram and increase the promotion of effective mathematics teaching and learning. When the future epidemics such as Covid-19 occur in the future, it can effectively help mathematics learning, especially for students studying at home. This Worksheet; i) Suitable for O-level ( Additional Math's ) , A-level and Engineering Mathematics students. . ii) Instruct students to use a single rule to easily and directly solve all problems of the topic solution of triangle iii) Step-by-step examples are provided for each type of question to facilitate student self-study. iv) Step-by-step answers to each question are given at the end of the book. v) Peter Chew Triangle Diagram for students reference. Peter Chew Triangle Diagram and Application(preprint) is share at World Health Organization(WHO, ID: ppcovidwho-308372).because objective Peter Chew Triangle Diagram is to help the  teaching  of  mathematics, especially when  similar  covid-19 problems arise in the  future. Author i) 7 study related covid -19 share as preprint at World Health Organization (WHO) , ii) Obtain the Certificate of appreciation from Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Adam Baba(2021), iii) Program Chairs for The 11th International Conference on Engineering Mathematics and Physics  held in Saint-Etienne, France on July 7-9, 2022 . iv)Keynote Speaker [AI age Calculator, PCET Calculator] of the 8th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Mathematical sciences (ICCEMS 2019). v) Keynote Speaker [AI age Calculator, PCET Calculator] of the International Conference on Applications of Physics , Chemistry & Engineering Sciences, ICPCE 2020. , in University Malaya, Malaysia. vi) Invited speaker [AI age Calculator, PCET Calculator] of the 24th Asian Mathematics Technology Conference (ATCM 2019), Leshan China. .


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Aug 31, 2022
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By (author): Peter Chew


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