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The Truth About Britney Spears

ByPhyllis Jager

Britney Jean Spears is counted among the most popular entertainers of a new generation. She has sold over eighty million albums and given seven world tours, but within these pages you will find the tragic story of a young mother who has been swept away by her fame and carried to a place where she can't live a healthy life. From the public cameras that spy on us all to the right of a mother to be with her kids, from the antics of the paparazzi to the secrets of fortune and fame, from the psych ward to the silver screen, this is the story of a woman who had done nothing wrong and the hunger of a lonely Nation that put her on a pedestal, and pushed her off the edge.


Publication Date
Nov 3, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Phyllis Jager



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