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THE WEBSITE INTRODUCING A Conspiracy in Science in Progress

THE WEBSITE INTRODUCING A Conspiracy in Science in Progress

ByPSJ (Peet) Schutte

In this website I show so clearly that there is a massive conspiracy they hide as incompatible science and it shows a clear unmistaken conspiracy taking place. Keep in mind what I am challenging is unbeatable and nobody listens. Everybody thinks those I accuse of corruption are more believable than God Almighty. Those I implicate are the incorruptible pillars of wisdom. It started in 1705 and progressed while everything disagreeing about the corruption was since then swept aside. Since then science still suppresses any doubt about the accuracy of science. By visiting the website you can read how a few well-aimed questions unmask the factual credulity of science and you will see why you should feel alarmed. If you doubt my alarmist-sounding message, you answer those questions I pose. If you answer the questions then I am wrong about a conspiracy. If you can’t answer the questions ask why those in science never asked these questions. Why are these questions never addressed?


Publication Date
Dec 3, 2012
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): PSJ (Peet) Schutte



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