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God Is Nothing

ByPupils Rock

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God is nothing! Atheists would be glad because you do not belief God, and after you read the book, you would not need to change your idea. However, theists would be glad too to the question: if God is the creator, who creates God? Because God is nothing, God does not need a creator. Buddhists and Taoists would be glad, because they believe that God is nothing. However, monotheists do not need to feel upsetting, because the theory of nothing the God exists as nothing is not polytheism. Everyone would find his or her need in this book God Is Nothing if he or she keeps open mind. Through the method of meditation, your mind along the description in the book would enter a state which links our everyday world and the world of nothing and gets an innovative and wonderful experience. This creative experience aimed at rebuilding meaning and stimulating passion of life would be especially important for who is looking for living meaning and passion.


Publication Date
May 23, 2007
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Pupils Rock


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