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Horrifying Halloween: Halloween Poems and Tales Hardcover Edition

Horrifying Halloween: Halloween Poems and Tales Hardcover Edition

ByGary HillFrank Coffman

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Halloween is an unusual holiday. For some people it lasts all year long, or at least they carry a little bit of Halloween with them throughout the year. That's definitely true of the editor of this book, and probably most (if not all) of the contributors. Another oddity about Halloween is that it's almost two different holidays - one for the children and one for the grown-up kids. This book gathers together poems and stories designed to appeal to both of those sides. There are vintage stories from Mary Wilkins Freeman and Eleanor L. Skinner along with retro poems from J. K. Bangs, Joel Benton, George Francis Dawson, H. P. Lovecraft, A.F. Murray, Eleanor L. Skinner and Robert Louis Stevenson. Frank Coffman provides three new poems, and Eileen Eggert supplies one. Del Merritt and Paul Lubaczewski each contribute one story to the collection. R. C. Mulhare supplies two. Editor Gary Hill adds two brand new fiction stories and one non-fiction tale to round out the collection. The book is divided into a family friendly section and a section that comes with more of a parental advisory. This book intends to supply written material to contribute to your Halloween celebrations and moods. Halloween Candy:The Family Friendly Content: Vintage Tales: Twinkling Feet's Halloween - Adapted from a Cornwall legend by Eleanor L. Skinner (1917) The Courteous Prince - Scotch legend adapted by by Eleanor L. Skinner (1917) The Pumpkin Giant By Mary Wilkins Freeman (1917) The Elfin Knight - Old ballad retold by Eleanor L. Skinner (1917) Modern Tales: The Grimblegore By Del Merritt Twilight Pumpkin Picking or, In the Hall of the Pumpkin King By R. C. Mulhare Vintage Poetry: Hallowe'en By Joel Benton (1919) Hallowe'en By A.F. Murray (1909) Jack-O'-Lantern By Eleanor L. Skinner (1917) Shadow March By Robert Louis Stevenson (1913) Myra's Well. A Tale Of All-Hallow-E'en By George Francis Dawson (1883) Hallowe’en in a Suburb By H. P. Lovecraft (1926) Jack-O'-Lantern Song By Eleanor L. Skinner (1917) Hallowe'en By J. K. Bangs (published 1910) Modern Poetry: Nearing All Hallows by Frank Coffman Halloween Night By Eileen Eggert Monstrous Meetings By Frank Coffman On Samhain Winds By Frank Coffman The Horrors: The Non-Child-Friendly Content: The Last Days of Damien Saxon by Gary Hill Camouflage By Paul Lubaczewski The Culling of the Fold By R.C. Mulhare The Halloween Intervention or Halloween, Cthulhu and Blood Drinkers, Oh My By Gary Hill Non-Fiction: True Life Horrifying Halloween..


Publication Date
Sep 4, 2022
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By (author): Gary Hill, By (author): Frank Coffman, By (author): Eileen Eggert, By (author): Paul Lubaczewski, By (author): Del Merritt, By (author): R. C. Mulhare


Linen Wrap
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Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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