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Under Construction (PDF eBook)

ByRachel Burkum

Writing a novel (or any book) can be an exciting experience. And a daunting one. Whether your manuscript starts out as just a small idea that eventually evolves into a book, or whether it's laid out from day one as an epic series, there is both logic and emotion involved. Balance must be maintained between creativity and quality in order to achieve your goal. This guide was built using Rachel Burkum's own writing journey. In it, she shares her unique perspectives on the emotional and technical aspects of creating a book. While focusing mainly on writing fiction, many of the topics she covers can also be applied to other genres. Rachel is a skilled writer of novels, short stories, children's books and more. Her love of writing has led to many diverse experiences, providing her with the insights she now shares. Under Construction was written in the hopes of encouraging other writers who are just beginning their own adventures.


Publication Date
Feb 3, 2014
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By (author): Rachel Burkum



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