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Isometric and Flexibility Training – The COMPILATION!

The two world famous BESTSELLING books on isometric and flexibility training – now in ONE !

ByRahul MookerjeeShristi Mookerjee

The SECRETS of the old time strongmen - the SECRETS the modern day gyms have been KEEPING FROM YOU.  ​​​​​​​ Extreme “animal like” flexibility and “Trance like”, “cat like” grace, agility and fluidity in all your movements, exercises, and “in general”. These stretches improve overall well being and flexibility beyond any sort of BELIEF! Massive increase in brute STRENGTH over a period of time, and betteer performance in all your exercises. Increased FLEXIBLITY throughout your entire body, and vastly improved health and digestion as a result. Insomnia will be a thing of the past. Get on a regular program involving stretching, isometrics and LOOSENING the joints and you’ll sleep as well as you did when you were a BABY! (no, I’m not kidding!) Increased fat loss around the core and midsection. There is great truth to the saying “stretch and burn FAT!” Increased muscular definition all over the body. Improved bone strength. You’ll never have to worry about oesteoporosis or bone decay, for one, once you get on programs such as these! As stated above so many times, you’ll not only look good – great, actually – but you’ll FEEL GREAT – and you’ll radiate happiness all around you, but most importantly, YOU will be happy internally and relaxed! Yours muscles will become loose and limber – and STRONGER than ever at the same time, “coiled and ready”, “ready to pounce at a moment’s notice”, much like a tiger or other wild animals! Increased tendon and connective tissue strength and flexibility. It’s well known that this is a weak area for most, and is also the reason why there are so many injuries out there in many regards. Strengthen ALL weak areas. You’re only as strong as your WEAKEST link, my friend, and my programs/routines here will DO that, and then some. A sense of “sang froid” and “calmness” that attracts SUCCESS in all its shapes, forms and guises to you when you follow a regular stretching/loosening program such as I’ve laid out for you. It’s well known that excess stress in the muscles, joints etc affects not only the body, but the most important muscle the MIND as well, and when you get on this program – you can FORGET about stress, period. A few minutes of doing these movement will leave you feeling “loose and limber”, “light as a feather” and “cracking with energy” – and those are but a few of the descriptors I’ve used for myself after these exercises/routines! And more. Get this now!


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2022
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rahul Mookerjee, Photographs by: Shristi Mookerjee



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