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Advanced Hill Training

Eat MORE - Weigh LESS!

ByRahul Mookerjee

If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds appealing to YOU, you’re at the right page – so keep reading, my friend. If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds ludicrous and downright unbelievable to you – – well, you’re still at the right place – – although you’re wrong and you’ll soon find out why. If the idea of burning – nay, incinerating body fat off yourself quicker than lard off a greasy pork chop on a George Foreman grill sounds appealing – – well – – READ ON! These routines will literally start to melt fat off your body as you DO the actual exercises. You’ll literally see your body “changing shape” before your very eyes as you huff, puff and pant like NEVER before.The sweat will start pouring within the space of a few seconds – – and the heart will start pounding like a runaway sledgehammer on speed.Your ENTIRE body will shake from head to toe after about 10 seconds or so of doing some of these routines at the right cadence – – and a minute – – or 2 minutes? Well, let’s just say that even advanced BODYWEIGHT trainees will fall flat on their faces the first time they attempt some of the stuff I’m outlining here. This course will teach you the secret to losing weight QUICK - something that the experts do NOT want you to know for obvious reasons. In itself, that justifies the price I'm selling this at. And, here are MORE benefits you WILL get from following these exercises/routines - - The secret KEY(S) that will enable you to blast fat off your frame quicker than every before. And guess what, though this works the best on hills, you can certainly incorporate these keys into flat ground training as well. Overall core strength from Cain and a solid, chiseled midsection that will be the envy of onlookers.The ability to literally “see” and “feel” fat melting off your frame – -specifically, your midsection as you do these exercises! And you will know what I mean once you cast a downward eye at your midsection while doing these as your gasping for AIR after a tough set of some of this! A solid upper body workout and powerful wrists, forearms, shoulders and upper back – – all WITHOUT doing a single pushup or pull-up. Slim, yet powerful thighs and toned, strong calves with that diamond “bursting out” shape you’ve always wanted, yet never been able to get!You’ll be BUZZING with energy – – literally all day long – – after a few minutes of doing these exercises! And more! Order NOW, my friend. It IS that damn good!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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