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68 exercises that will unleash the BEAST in YOU and turn YOU into the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF NATURE you were MEANT to be!

ByRahul Mookerjee

Benefits you can expect from following the routines and exercises laid out in this book Super strength and CONDITIONING (not to mention WEIGHT LOSS) – in an all in one package! No more need for long, drawn out workouts. Most of these workouts won’t take longer than 10 minutes at most if you do things right (the workout part of it - - you may be panting for a long, long time during and after the workouts though! Hehe). A core of STEEL. Quite literally. If you thought my other exercises gave you a core of steel, well, you were right (especially those in Corrugated Core) but this book takes CORE training to a whole new level. You’ll have animal like CORE strength. Quite literally, my friend. Ever seen a gorilla with a paunch or tiger with flab hanging off it? I didn’t think so! Neither have I, and the way these animals MOVE in daily life is one reason! And if you don’t think core strength is important, think AGAIN. As Herschel Walker famously said, get the core ready, and you can handle ANYTHING! GRIP strength from Cain, and then some. Believe me, my fingers almost fall off when doing some of these exercises, and I’ve been doing ‘em a while. I’m the Gorilla Grip And still . . . ! The grip is truly the LITMUS test of REAL strength my friend, either for a man or a woman, and you’ll develop ape like crushing grip strength with the exercise mentioned there in (not to mention fingers of STEEL and strong, pliable wrists to boot). Shoulder, neck and back pain will disappear in a trice as you do these exercises. Your legs will become pillars of steel and your STAMINA will shoot through the roof as well. FAT will fly off your frame so fast your friends and family will wonder what is going on. Believe me, I sweat for HOURS after these workouts. I’m sitting in an air conditioned room right now tying this, and I just got done taking a shower. It’s MORE THAN AN hour after my workout, and the sweat is still trickling off me! In fact, I should say you’ll experience ULTRA RAPID FAT LOSS once you get on the stick with these workouts my friend. Don’t be surprised if you lose more than a few inches within the first couple of weeks of getting on these workouts! You’ll feel much better after these workouts. In fact, you’ll have a sparkle to your face and a new found SPRING in your stride as you get better at these! You’ll experience increased productivity in all areas. Work, life, and . . . I have to say this here, the bedroom as well! And much, much more!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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